About Me


When you make a word or letters move you are forced to really see them. A light goes on allowing you make the connection. Combining images, color, shapes and video can transport your audience to (an)other – world or emotional state of your choosing. 


I am highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop techniques, print layout and design. I specialize in photo illustration, restoration, manipulation and vector graphics. I am discovering a whole new world of creative exploration in the multi dimensional world of multi media. It has been a surprisingly delightful journey.


There is a certain nostalgia in my vision. A flashing back to simpler times and carefree days when people were less busy. In those days we savored life in big gulps of endless summers.


My design aesthetic tends towards bold, colorful graphics with modern, yet nostalgic appeal. I consider myself a summer cocktail of sorts – a splash of whimsy with a twist of retro because design should be playful, fun and appealing.

“Colors that appeal to me can be sipped up like sodas. In my shapely bottle – a sprig of mint can catch a wave of teal, despite an orange sunset. And my cherry cola ocean laps lazily along a lemon-lime shore.”


After having worked in the Printing and Publishing industry for more than twenty years I recently graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with an Associates Degree in Computer Arts. I figured it was about time to start completing the circle. Technology won’t slow down, so you have to grab on and soar with it!

Don't fear the color wheel, just spin it right!
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